Raccoon and Animal Damage Restoration

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Our Restoration and Prevention Services

Aumiller's Inc. offers both restoration and preventative services. Our Restoration Service allows for us to restore your home to the pre-raccoon invasion condition and remove all contaminates that could transmit bacteria to your home and family.


Once a home or dwelling has had a raccoon visitor the damages go beyond just visual destruction. Raccoons carry with them many serious health risks that pose risks to humans.

From attics, where raccoons find the easiest access to human dwellings, a raccoon can infect walls with urine and feces throughout a home. Outside of ugly stains and sometimes pungent odors on the sheetrock once the urine dries and evaporates into the air within a closed room, the potiential exisits for airborne contaminates.

Aumiller's Inc. has over 20 years experience dealing with raccoon damage and restoration. We take great pride in making sure that your damages are properly repaired to the best of our ability, your home is free from all contaminates, and your family is safe and sound.


Once a Raccoon has found an entryway into your home, and once they deem a dwelling suitable, the raccoon will set up a den. Dens or other heavily utilized raccoon areas may be infested with the eggs of Raccoon Roundworm. This parasite can cause severe health problems in humans as well as pets who accidentally inhale or ingest the eggs found in raccoon feces.

Aumiller's Inc can not only remove the nuisance of having raccoons in your home, but can take important preventatiive measures to ensure that return visits are not a possibility.

We have proven methods of ensuring that these creatures, who will take all steps possible to regain entry to an established den, find it impossible and relocate to where they belong, into the wild.

Contact Us today and let us take care of your raccoon problems.