Raccoon and Animal Damage Restoration

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Raccoon Clean-up and Damages

You hear them in the attic and see their footprints in your garden. They have left evidence in the half-eaten vegetables, as well as the shingles missing on your roof. You have no idea how to deal with them. Or even if you should.

Really you should Contact Aumiller's Inc.

 Raccoon DamageBecause of the ability of these crafty creatures to coexist with humans, raccoons can become a nuisance when they damage gardens, raid garbage cans or inhabit human structures. Because of their susceptibility to rabies, problem raccoons cannot be relocated and wildlife rehabilitators can only accept them with certain restrictions.


Did you know your insurance will pay for animal damage if it's caused by raccoons?
Damage from raccoons and other animals is usually covered under homeowners property loss insurance.

Once a raccoon is inside a human dwelling, the damage can be overwhelming. Raccoon feces and urine can contain harmful airborne and ground-transmitted pathogens that can cause violent bacterial contamination, illness, and possibly death. Because of their nesting habits, raccoons will urinate and defecate in dips and crevices in an attic. This can transmit particles down the walls of the dwelling into cabinetry, bathrooms, the kitchen and other rooms. Raccoons also enjoy the warmth of air ducts in winter, increasing airborne contaminants and the risk to humans

Aumiller's Inc. understands the various problems associated with these contaminants. We go to extremes to remove all contaminants, and then restore your home to its pre'raccoon condition. Two of the steps taken are to remove contaminated attic insulation and replace it with new insulation, Owens Corning(TM) Pink insulation. We will also replace drywall stained by urine. This is such an important step that we have our full-time drywall installer to ensure timely, effective restorations with integrity and experience. We will guide you in the necessary steps to ensure that your home is protected against return visits.

If you are experiencing raccoon problems or have seen raccoons increasing in your neighborhood, let Aumiller's Inc. assist you in getting rid of a neighborhood nuisance. Contact us for your raccoon or wildlife control needs.